On Dish, Amazon, and T-Mobile

Recently, Tim Farrar a veteran tech and telecom analyst at TMF Associates, published a blog post that caught a lot of attention for its possible prediction of an upcoming merger or partnership between Dish, Amazon, and T-Mobile. His post is particularly exciting because it sees something that nobody else has considered up until this point in Amazon.

What Amazon can bring to the table

As I wrote in my previous post, a Dish/T-Mobile merger would be the most consumer-friendly merger to exist among what has been predicted. Along with consumer-friendliness, spectrum is complementary, network is complementary, content is complementary and so on. With Amazon in the mix, the list of what works together only grows. Having access to a wide-reaching wireless network has lots of implications for Amazon. It would mean Echo devices would have a constant connection; something that Amazon has dabbled in with Tap and smartphone tethering. Home automation and security systems available today already have 3G built-in. Cranking that up to LTE means the possibility of higher-bandwidth applications and faster controls. Delivery drones need connections for remote control as well. Amazon can get all of this if it invests its money in a network that can handle it. Amazon can also bring content to the table in the form of their well-matured Prime Video and Movie services. Combined with Dish’s Sling TV, this creates a powerful streaming combination that, at the right price, could tempt the growing cord-cutting audience. All of this being delivered over a new, monstrous network created by T-Mobile.

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